The story of 27 Matches follows a small group of sex traffickers who have set up a temporary base of operations at a semi abandoned warehouse.

Igor, a Russian ex patriot, runs the operation. He is assisted by Ryan, who has ties to the mafia, and his nephew Yuri, among others. It’s Yuri’s first day on the job. The girls are kept prisoner until they meet whatever fate has in store for them. It’s business as usual for this group of traffickers.

Today, however, they have an unusual client who comes in with his own set of uniquely paranoid requests…
Throughout the evening as the girls are brought in and as the client’s paranoia rises, one girl in particular proves to be more difficult than usual. This prompts Yuri to bring her to a special part of the warehouse: The Box.


27 Matches was written to present a different take on the realities of sex trafficking. A morality piece and suspenseful docu-drama, our movie strives to leave an impression. We want those watching to leave with a sense of how things really are – and how they really are is disturbing. All too often this subject matter is portrayed with an inherant judgement – the girls are all innocent and the traffickers pure evil. This doesn’t leave the viewer with anything but a good action or suspense flick. The moral judgement is made for them. They walk away satisfied, but nothing has changed. We are striving to show people how this industry really is. There are no heroes here and no villians. The victims aren’t angels and the traffickers aren’t all bad – although what they do is. The audience might associate with one as much as the other. This is intentionally meant to be unsettling – for us to see something of ourselves, or to be rooting for one of the “bad guys” – leaves a lasting impression. When our audience leaves, we hope they take with them a sense of just how real and terrible this industry is.

We also want to make sure that the horrors of sex trafficking are portrayed acurately. We have a consultant on the team who has worked directly with trafficked victims and is familiar with their experiences in order to make this movie as close to reality as possible.


Besides wanting to make a suspenseful and entertaining film, the purpose underlying our efforts is to bring a visceral awareness of the plight these girls face. The practice of sex trafficking is all too often swept under the rug. We want to shine a light on this dark industry – and we aim to do it by being as true and impartial as possible. This is not only in memory of the millions of trafficked victims, but also an attempt to drive people to action. We hope that this story sticks in people’s minds, and that it becomes that much harder to turn a blind eye to what is going on around us every day.