What Is Sex Trafficking?

The reason we're doing this


Sex trafficking is the illegal act of forcing an individual into human slavery, prostitution, or sex slavery against that person's will. Victims of sex trafficking are lured, tricked, or violently forced into committing their bodies and lives to a number of degrading acts. They are helpless to defend themselves once branded among a trafficking ring. Victims that were not coerced into the trade by poor education or poverty are often times found drugged and kidnapped from the streets. They wake up in unfamiliar places among traffickers who treat them with no respect for human decency. Sex trafficking operations specialize in handling the trade of people for sex services. The victim is forced to commit sexual intercourse for pay to keep up with a drug addiction forced upon them, or helplessly bound and raped by paying consumers looking to satisfy their thrills. This trade exploits mostly young women, but reports of men and children have been steadily rising as well.


Sex trafficking has become the second largest crime syndicate operation in the world next to drug trafficking. Global estimates range as high as 30 million people being trafficked per year. This problem is not just limited to uneducated, poverty-stricken societies. Over 27,000 victims are sold into sex trade annually within the US. Alarmingly, since 2013 statistics have found that over 20% of cases are predominantly children. This epidemic continues due to lack of exposure, poor crime education, and society's overall attitude of avoidance regarding the subject.

The goal of "27 MATCHES" is to expose this terrifying operation through the art of film. We want to educate the audience to the reality they live in, without playing up or playing down the very human (or lack thereof) personas depicted among our characters. Sex traffickers are human beings - not super villains, not limited to foreign countries, and certainly not to be taken lightly. Syndicate operations, like any business operation, require intelligent minds working together for a common goal: profit. It is our initiative to shine light on a dark operation, and bring a voice to fallen victims.