Executive producer David Starr

Of Tickle Films


Hello Everybody,

My name is David Starr. You have probably seen me in TICKLED which is playing in theaters worldwide right now to rave reviews. It premiered at Sundance in January 2016 and it is expected to be Oscar bound according to the press. ​

I have chosen to make 27 MATCHES my next major film by becoming Executive Producer of the project. The reason behind that is because it takes on a far more sinister type of bully then we did in TICKLED... It takes on the horrors of sex trafficking industry, and like TICKLED, it is based on truth. Just like in TICKLED, the goal was to bring light to the darkness, in 27 MATCHES we must do the same for far more important reasons. Lives are at stake, and this is why I am involved. ​

I have toured with TICKLED to many of the festivals all over North America and plan to do the same with 27 MATCHES. Keep an eye on this site for the start of our new post-production fundraising campaign! Those of whom choose to participate with a minimum of $25 will receive an honorable mention in the film credits AND you will be placed on my personal list and have the opportunity to meet me in person at any one of the film festivals that I take this film to in the United States or Canada. Selfies will be allowed. ​Check back often as there is an extremely limited number of people I can meet in person, and it will be first come, first served.

The principal photography on 27 MATCHES is completed, and I will tell you that if you were scared when you saw TICKLED, you will be terrified when you see 27 MATCHES.

Thank you,
David Starr
Executive Producer - 27 MATCHES